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Private Investigations

Private Investigations

Private Investigations


 We provide investigative services to Attorneys, Businesses, Insurance Companies, Governmental Agencies, and the general public. We specialize in Criminal Mitigation in Capital Cases.  INSIGHT has the ability and resources to conduct all types of investigations, whether basic or complex.  We understand the importance of providing quality investigations in a timely manner.  INSIGHT will furnish you with a comprehensive written report, intelligence information, surveillance reports, video footage, and court testimony at a reasonable rate.


Private Investigations

Private Investigations


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What is the difference between a Private Investigator and a Private Detective? There really is no difference – it is a matter of semantics and whether the term “investigator” or “detective” is used depends on the licensing laws for the State in which you reside state.  In many states, the words “private investigator” and “private detective” are interchangeable, but in some states there is a difference in their accepted meaning.  In Virginia you can call yourself either an Investigator or a detective.    However, for example, in New Jersey someone who wants to become a private investigator must adhere to the licensing laws as detailed in the Private Detective Act of 1939. 

 A person who has the prerequisite investigative experience is called a “qualifier.”  When the New Jersey State Police Private Detective Unit issues the license, the “qualifier” is classified as a Licensed Private Detective.  When an owner of a licensed detective agency employs a “licensed qualifier” that person is classified as a Private Investigator. Historically, the profession of non-law enforcement investigations started back with Pinkerton in the late 1800’s.  At that time, the term “private detective” was the formal name and the outfit they worked with was a “detective agency.”  There were many movies and TV shows that began using the “private-eye” moniker more often.  Starting in 1974, television shows like the Rockford Files and Magnum P.I. really brought the investigative profession into the limelight. Around 1960, many states did not want the public to confuse a private detective with that of a police detective.  There has been a trend in many state licensing authorities and investigative associations to use the title “private investigator” as opposed to “private detective.”  In fact, many states have actually taken legal steps to stop using the “detective” title.

Do I need a license as a Private Investigatior?...YES

How can I become a Private Investigator?

Sign up for P.I training at Insight Investigations.

Do you need to be former Law Enforcement to be a Private Investigator?....No  

About Us


Insight Investigations

INSIGHT is a Richmond based company fully licensed and insured in Virginia.  With the safety of the client being paramount, you can be assured INSIGHT will protect your business, personnel and client’s needs.  Here at INSIGHT we can provide all your security and investigation needs in an efficient and ethical banner. 

 We have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. An INSIGHT representative will meet with you to discuss your individual requirements to create a customized plan of action designed to meet your security or investigative needs and your budget. INSIGHT will protect our identity and maintain complete confidentiality.  Our staff is professionally trained and experienced with backgrounds in private investigations, business, law and education. 

 We are VA (DCJS) registered and SwaM Certified #662965.

 Call INSIGHT today at 804.674.9577.  

We are here to help you.  

INSIGHT has conducted training program for more than 35 years.  All of our instructors are certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Independent employment counseling is part of our commitment to you. We will provide the best advice to break into the industry for those who are novices, INSIGHT will give the best possible reference based on your class participation, tests scores and evaluations. All classes are held in our offices in the 360 West Shopping Center Office Building, 7206 Hull Street Road, Suite 210.  Registration is required!  We require a deposit at least five (5) days prior to the start of class unless other arrangements are made with INSIGHT staff


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