Patrol Rife Training 10E


Course Outline:


A. Patrol rifle classroom training. Individual must first successfully complete security officer handgun training. The entry-level patrol rifle classroom instruction will emphasize but not be limited to:

  1. Rifle handling techniques
    1. Nomenclature/identification of rifle parts
    2. Field striping and reassembling
    3. Loading and unloading
    4. Chambering
    5. Reloading
    6. Slings
      1. Traditional sling
      2. Single point sling
      3. 3 Point sling
    7. Transition from handgun to rifle/rifle to handgun
    8. Malfunctions
    9. Immediate actions procedures
    10. Remedial action
    11. Proper care and maintenance
    12. Rifle retention
    13. Ammunition management and identification
    14. Range safety
    15. Dim light/low light
  2. Fundamentals of rifle marksmanship
    1. Grip
    2. Stance (position)
    3. Sight alignment
    4. Sight picture
    5. Trigger control
    6. Breathing
    7. Follow through
  3. Zeroing iron sights
    1. Establishing mechanical zero
    2. Zeroing process
  4. Dim light shooting
    1. Hours of darkness/dim light
    2. Identification requirements
    3. Unaided reduced light shooting techniques
    4. Aided reduced light shooting techniques
  5. Shooting positions
    1. Fundamentals of shooting positions
    2. Basic patrol positions
  6. Use of force
  7. Criminal and civil liability
  8. Written examination

Total hours (excluding examination) 16 hours


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