Criminal Investigations:
Investigators will develop leads; attempt to locate relevant evidence to establish material facts essential to the successful representation of clients involved in criminal matters. We understand the rules of evidence and are familiar with both State and Federal court procedures. We have provided investigative evidence leading to the reversal of death penalty cases, the release of persons from prisons and the acquittal of defendants at trial. We have been involved in the investigation of many high profile cases.

Child Custody * Legal Investigations * Locating Witness(es) * Workers Compensations

Habeas Petition: We begin preparing several documents: (1) the habeas petition, which sets forth the factual and legal bases. (2) a memorandum of points and authorities, which expands on the legal arguments; and (3) the supporting exhibits, which includes all documents supporting the petition. The supporting exhibits might be documents from inside and outside the record. They could be police records; statements and/or declarations of witnesses; lab results; photos. You can start working on a habeas petition right away or wait until the appeal is concluded. However, no matter what you decide, we recommend you hire an investigator to begin looking for evidence that may support a habeas petition. This is especially important because memories fade and people move locations as time passes.

Prosecutorial misconduct

False testimony by police officers, falsification of evidence by police and crime labs
False confessions, Juror misconduct, Judicial error and misconduct
Ineffective assistance of counsel

Domestic Investigations: Video surveillance and other means of determining infidelity, custody issues, and resolution of various personal disputes.

Mitigation Investigations: Will establish criteria with which defendants may seek to facilitate a reduction in penalties prior to sentencing. Our investigation of facts, circumstances or conditions while not exonerating the accused, might reduce the sentence or the penalty arising from the offense. A comprehensive investigation will be conducted to establish the appropriate form of mitigation. This investigation is not merely factual.

Insurance Investigations: Activity checks on claimants, video surveillance footage of claimant activity, and performs fraud, arson, personal and bodily injury investigations.

Surveillance: We are capable of collecting covert video footage of subject’s activities to back up what investigators observe on location. We can provide our clients DVD, CD or tapes for viewing along with a detailed report of the investigation.

GPS Tracking: Our investigator specialize in covert surveillance.

Counter-surveillance: We also provides countermeasures, sweeps to detect transmitters and other unwanted electronic devices that may be on your property or in your personal effects.

Computer Searches: We can provide software and services for computer activities, including email surveillance, network security, spousal and custodial child online surveillance.

Process Service: Our investigators are skilled in the art of locating hard to find people who need to be served. After service is complete we will notify client of the status of your document. When you need personal service call on our professional servers. We are available to handle RUSH service and or special assignments.